Custom Volume Style

2.Volume Style.0

Vol custom volume panel style is the volume slider with aesthetic styles and themes.
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2.Volume Style.0
April 16, 2022
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Vol custom volume panel style is the volume slider with aesthetic styles and themes.

For the personalize your device’s UI and with the custom volume slider. Quick setup and smooth controls of all volume sliders. We are designing a custom ultra volume custom slider control or made cool skins for the fancy volume style.

For the easiest way to customize your device volume bar style. Then with the volume style changer customization tool you can directly replace your phone’s volume slider with a new style controller. Vol custom volume style provides many different sliders and fancy volume style preset including many quick controllers. In vol: custom volume style there are custom made horizontal & vertical custom volume designs are present.

Features of Custom Volume Style

– Multiple fancy volume style
– Custom set motion volume panel
– Set different color combinations in volume bar style
– Make your gradient color style for volume control style
– Manage height and placing of ultra volume custom slider control

In the Vol: Custom volume style there is an inbuilt OS volume style panel which makes it easier to set any volume style on your phone. With custom volume style you can manage different volume levels like you can control notification volume, alarm volume level, and media control. And another control button directly manages and controls functions.

There is a custom blacklist that directly does not show custom volume style on that screen and Control volume style height & time duration. So, replace your system volume control panel with vol: custom volume style.

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What's new

-Bug Fixed & All Crashes solved!
-Specifically Android 12 All Issue Solved!
-New Module & Themes Added!
-Performance Improvement!


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