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Payments starting at $ 5 USD only on PrizeRebel.😎
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December 20, 2021
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Payments starting at $ 5 USD only on PrizeRebel.😎

Download Prizerebel and start making a profit

prizerebel offers you the following:

1. Surveys
2. Watching Videos
3. Offers
4. Playing your favorite games
5. Participation in raffles
6. Performing Multiple Tasks
7. Our referral system is the best account with 5 levels and you can earn up to 30% of the earnings of each referral so invite all your friends.
8. Contest of Surveys, Offers and Referrals with Prizes of up to $ 10 USD, the contest 2 times a month.

Paid surveys up to $ 10 USD

Minimum withdrawal:
PayPal $ 5 USD
Amazon $ 2 USD

Maximum withdrawal: No Limits

Our app works with coins points.

Equivalent of points coins to dollar
100 coins – $ 1 USD
500 coins – $ 5 USD
1000 coins – $ 10 USD 10000 coins – $ 100 USD and more.

To make your first PayPal withdrawal you only have to have 500 coins equivalent to $ 5 USD.

You can climb in our 5 levels from bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond levels, the higher your level, the more opportunity you have to earn more money, so raise your level as high as you can and you will obtain a considerable income.

prizerebel is paying thousands of users, It is available to everyone, all countries can use it and receive their payments.

Payment methods.
1. PayPal
2. Amazon gift cards
3. Visa gift cards
4. Google Play gift cards
5. Roblox
6. Gift cards to buy in online stores and more.

Note: Share our app with your friends so they can win too.

Note: We are a reliable and safe company, we do not waste your time, we help you earn real money💵 thousands of users are satisfied with their earnings.

Make money with Prizerebel.

Thousands of users are satisfied with what they have earned in our app, recommend or share PrizeRebel with your
friends or family so that they are part of this team and can benefit.

We are paying all our prizerebel users.

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Make Money
Payments Starting at $ 5 USD
Surveys, Offer Wall, Referrals 30%
Contests $ 10 USD


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