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YAPER helps its members earn money with their credit/debit cards while also suggesting ways to maximize earnings. YAPER members can also get zero-interest loans on their credit cards for up to 45 days.
Yaper Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
March 3, 2022
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YAPER helps its members earn money with their credit/debit cards while also suggesting ways to maximize earnings. YAPER members can also get zero-interest loans on their credit cards for up to 45 days.

How to earn money with YAPER?
Members can earn money with their credit and debit cards on YAPER by helping others avail great deals on online shopping. When you help others save money on their online purchases, we pay you a cash bonus on every order as a token of appreciation. At the same time, you also earn rewards on your cards for all your purchases. Cash bonus combined with card rewards can easily run into thousands of rupees per month if you have the right cards.

Still not completely sure how this works? Let us explain step-by-step with an example
– Simran needs to buy the latest phone online at the best possible price but she doesn’t have the right card for the 10% discount offer on the phone
– She reaches out to YAPER and asks us to help her out. We agree to get her connected with the right cardholder and get her the desired phone at an amazing price. She obviously agrees to pay a service fee over and above the discounted price of the product
– Simran makes a prepaid payment to YAPER that is held in an escrow account to be paid to the cardholder who helps her out or to be transferred back to her in case no one with the right card is available
– We create a deal on the app and notify all members with the right cards to help Simran out by placing the order on her behalf. In exchange for their help, we agree to share a part of our service fee with the cardholder
– Raj, who is from Delhi, responds to the notification and accepts the deal. He places the order on Simran’s behalf and gets it delivered to his address. We ask Raj to get the order delivered to his address so that he is assured that the money spent on his card is safe
– We pick up the order from Raj within 24 hours of it getting delivered and release the amount he spent on the card plus the cash bonus to him from the escrow account
– We get the order delivered to Simran

What happens if we don’t find a Raj for our Simran?
The money is transferred back from the escrow account to Simran in that case.

What happens if Raj is not from Delhi?
In that case, we ask him to get the order directly delivered to Simran as we have logistics only in NCR. If Raj trusts us enough, he’ll go ahead with the order or someone else in Delhi can help Simran here.

How to get interest-free loans?
Every time you place an order for YAPER using your card, we pay you the total amount spent along with a cash bonus on the delivery of the order. From ordering to delivery, it usually takes around 3-4 days. If you time the order well and place it right after the bill generation date for your card you get up to 45 days to pay the credit card bill from the time you receive the money in your hands. Thus you receive a loan on your credit card which comes at ZERO interest rate as you get paid more than you need to pay on your card.

What if I don’t have the right credit cards?
If you don’t have the right cards, we are still there for you.
– We suggest the right cards that you are eligible for & that help you maximize your earnings
– You can apply for these cards right through the app
– Our banking partners reach out to you and complete the required documentation
– You receive the card and start using it on YAPER to maximize your earnings

How do I know YAPER is safe?
YAPER never asks you to enter or share your credit/debit card details on the app or with anyone else. While doing any transaction for YAPER, you need to enter the card details only on the trusted e-commerce apps and websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. that you already shop on.

So, join YAPER now and as we like to say start your second income today.

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